Operator Assisted Conferencing

Crystal Clear and Easy to Use

GAN Conferencing
GAN Conferencing, our parent company, has been helping companies from the Fortune 500 down to Mom and Pop businesses host conference calls for over a decade.

Easy Scheduling

Our operations staff is standing by to quickly book your call so you can get invites out to your particpants in a timely fashion.

Q&A Management

We take the chaos out of Q&A sessions. Our software can even show you who has queued up to ask questions in your call.

Accurate Reports

After your call has concluded, our operators get to work cross-checking your particpants to provide you an error-free report of who attended the call.

We offer Live AnswerManaged Q&ADetailed ReportsGreat Customer Service

Friendly Operators

Our operators are experts at making your call go as smoothly as possible. From answering particpants and taking their information before the call, to introducing your call, to providing detailed reports after the call, our operators can do it all. Let them show you how painless large conference calls can be.

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